Globus Gatekeeper

Services Running

Service Globus Gatekeeper Server 
Service description The globus-gatekeeper service provides a network interface to the GRAM5 system. It authenticates client identities and starts Job Manager processes using the local user account to which the client identity is mapped. Typically, one instance of the globus-gatekeeper process runs to accept network connections, and forks a new short-lived process to process each new conneciton.
Init scripts
Daemons /usr/sbin/globus-gatekeeper
Configuration /etc/sysconfig/globus-gatekeeper
          Main configuration options for the globus-gatekeeper service.
Files with options related to the job-manager

Logs /var/log/globus-gatekeeper.log
    This is the default log file set in /etc/sysconfig/globus-gatekeeper. Some output is also provided via syslog in:


  This is the default log file where the job-manager for the fork endpoint will provide output.

    Per user output is also available (coming from the job-manager) and is stored in:

Open Ports

Port/Protocol Description
The default port where the Gatekeeper server itself listens for client requests.

Useful Files

Path/name Description
/etc/sysconfig/globus-gatekeeper Main configuration file for the gatekeeper
/etc/globus/globus-fork.conf Configuration file for the fork backend which submits a simple job to the gatekeeper server.
/etc/globus/globus-gram-job-manager.conf Configuration file for the Globus job manager.
/etc/globus/globus-*.conf Configuration files for the supported batch systems

Cron Jobs

Not the case. Not needed.

Security Information

The globus-gatekeeper uses GSI and maps connections to local user accounts based on the DN of the certificate used to establish the connection. The mapping is done using a grid-mapfile, if not otherwise specified /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile is used.

Utility Scripts

 Path/name Description
/usr/sbin/globus-gatekeeper-admin The globus-gatekeeper-admin program manages service entries which are used by the globus-gatekeeper to execute services.
/usr/sbin/globus-job-manager-lock-test Can be used to test if locking is available on a mounted filesystem. Locking is necessary for the job manager to manage the job submission process.
/usr/bin/globus-personal-gatekeeper Can be used to create a test gatekeeper by users for testing job submission.