Globus GridFTP Server

Services Running

ServiceGlobus GridFTP Server
Service descriptionThe GridFTP server running in background and waiting for requests from clients to perform FTP transfers.
Init scripts
The default config file provided in the package.
The main config file, created initially as a copy of the /etc/gridftp.conf.default. This is the file where host specific configuration must be done.
When started with gfork.
LogsNone, implicitly.
Not implicitly activated in the /etc/gridftp.conf.default file. Can be explicitly specified adding in /etc/gridftp.conf lines like the followings:
log_level error,warn,info
log_single /var/log/globus-gridftp.log

Specified in the implicitly installed  /etc/globus-gridftp-server/gridftp.gfork file.
Specified in the implicitly installed  /etc/globus-gridftp-server/gridftp.gfork file.

Open Ports

The port GridFTP server itself listens for client requests.

Useful Files

/etc/globus-gridftp-server/gridftp.gforkConfiguration sample file for GridFTP server, when started with gfork as a regular server.
/etc/globus-gridftp-server/gridftp-fe.gforkConfiguration sample file for GridFTP server, when started with gfork as a front-end server.
/etc/globus-gridftp-server/gridftp-be.gforkConfiguration sample file for GridFTP server, when started with gfork as a back-end server.

Cron Jobs

Not the case. Not needed.

Security Information

The globus-gridftp-server uses GSI and maps connections to local user accounts based on the DN of the certificate used to establish the connection. The mapping is done using a grid-mapfile, if not otherwise specified /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile is used.

Utility Scripts

/usr/sbin/globus-gridftp-server-setup-chrootGridFTP server can be configured to restrict access to specific path using the command-line option '-chroot-path <path>' This path must contain a valid certificate structure, /etc/passwd, and /etc/groups. The helper script 'globus-gridftp-server-setup-chroot' can help create a suitable directory structure
/usr/sbin/globus-gridftp-passwordCan be used to create user passwords in case the GridFTP server uses clear text password. However, this type of functionality is not recommended, unless the network is trusted. The command asks for a password and generates a line similar with those in /etc/passwd/etc/passwd file to stores GridFTP passwords, but use another file for the current user. It is not recommended however to use the system.
/usr/sbin/gfs-dynbe-clientCan be used to dynamically add clients to a gfork instance. This is not recommended.
/usr/sbin/gfs-gfork-masterThe GridFTP's master program to be launched by gfork to service different client requests. It must be mentioned in /etc/globus-gridftp-server/gridftp.gfork in the following way:
master = /usr/sbin/gfs-gfork-master
master_args = <options>