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IBM LoadLeveler Adaptor patch for GT5

IBM LoadLeveler Adaptor patch for Globus Toolkit 5 - ready and available:

Get the patch here!

  • The pre-requisite for this patch is the "llgrid.tar" package which shipped with LoadLeveler, which is the newest PTF for 3.4.3 release at present;
  • The documentation and directory name are not patched, so will still refer to GT4 despite supporting GT5;
  • The patch has been tested on:
    • RHEL5.5 x86_64 with GT v4.0.8, v4.2.1, v5.0.1 and v5.0.4 and IBM LoadLeveler v3.4.3.16
    • SuSE Linux on Power6 PPC (SLES11 SP1; with GT5.0.4 and IBM LoadLeveler v4.1.1.4