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IGE v2.0 notes

Release Date: 2012-02-01
Based on Globus Toolkit release: 5.2.0

Many of the changes implemented by upstream in this release, such as the removal of the flavour tags in the library names and the support for standard installation paths, were already present in the packages of earlier IGE releases using patches. This update is backwards compatible and does not introduce any soname bumps.

The most important change is the handling of threads. In earlier releases the threading model was chosen at compilation time, and the model used by the libraries in IGE was using pthreads. In this release the threading model is instead chosen at runtime, either by using API calls or by setting environment variables. The default model in the new release is the forking model, but also the pthread model is available.

In order to preserve the behaviour of applications linked to previous versions, versioned symbols have been introduced so that the new libraries will switch to the pthread threading model automatically when used by applications that were linked to earlier versions.

Upstream's release notes are available here:

Components in this release

Globus default security:
  • globus-authz-2.1-2
  • globus-authz-callout-error-2.1-2
  • globus-callout-2.1-2
  • globus-common-14.5-4
  • globus-core-8.5-2
  • globus-gridmap-callout-error-1.2-2
  • globus-gsi-callback-4.1-2
  • globus-gsi-cert-utils-8.1-2
  • globus-gsi-credential-5.1-2
  • globus-gsi-openssl-error-2.1-2
  • globus-gsi-proxy-core-6.1-2
  • globus-gsi-proxy-ssl-4.1-2
  • globus-gsi-sysconfig-5.1-2
  • globus-gssapi-error-4.1-2
  • globus-gssapi-gsi-10.2-2
  • globus-gss-assist-8.1-2
  • globus-io-9.2-2
  • globus-openssl-module-3.1-2
  • globus-proxy-utils-5.0-2
  • globus-simple-ca-3.0-2
  • globus-usage-3.1-2
  • globus-xio-3.2-2
  • globus-xio-gsi-driver-2.1-2
  • globus-xio-pipe-driver-2.1-2
  • globus-xio-popen-driver-2.2-2
  • globus-xioperf-3.0-2
  • grid-packaging-tools-3.5-2
Globus GridFTP:
  • globus-ftp-client-7.2-2
  • globus-ftp-control-4.2-2
  • globus-gass-cache-8.1-2
  • globus-gass-cache-program-5.0-3
  • globus-gass-copy-8.2-2
  • globus-gass-server-ez-4.1-2
  • globus-gass-transfer-7.1-2
  • globus-gfork-3.1-2
  • globus-gridftp-server-6.5-2
  • globus-gridftp-server-control-2.3-2
Globus GRAM5:
  • globus-gatekeeper-9.6-3
  • globus-gram-audit-3.1-2
  • globus-gram-client-12.3-2
  • globus-gram-client-tools-10.0-3
  • globus-gram-job-manager-13.14-2.1
  • globus-gram-job-manager-callout-error-2.1-2
  • globus-gram-job-manager-condor-1.0-2
  • globus-gram-job-manager-fork-1.0-2
  • globus-gram-job-manager-pbs-1.1-2
  • globus-gram-job-manager-scripts-4.2-2
  • globus-gram-job-manager-sge-1.0-2
  • globus-gram-protocol-11.2-2
  • globus-rsl-9.1-2
  • globus-scheduler-event-generator-4.4-2
Globus RLS:
  • globus-rls-client-5.2-6
  • globus-rls-server-4.9-10.1
  • myproxy-5.5-2.1
  • gsi-openssh
Security integration: (RPM only)
  • (Not contributed to UMD because it duplicates EMI contriution)
GridWay: (RPM only) (view documentation)
  • gridway-core-5.8-1
  • gridway-GT5-5.8-2
GridSAM: (RPM only)
  • gridsam-server-2.3.0-4
GSI-SSHTerm: (new) (RPM only)
  • gsisshterm-1.3.2-1
SAGA: (new) (RPM only)
  • saga-adaptors-bes-1.0-1
  • saga-adaptors-globus-1.1-1
  • saga-adaptors-ssh-1.0-1
  • saga-adaptors-x509-1.1-1
  • saga-bindings-python-1.1-1
  • saga-core-1.6.1-1