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IGE v3.0 notes

Release Date: 2012-10-02

IGE v3.0 is based on Globus Toolkit 5.2.2 and it is available from the IGE software repositories. It has been submitted to the next Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) release maintained by the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI). Details about the release and each component can be found below:


  • jGlobus 2.0:
    • Ensuring compatibility with jGlobus 1.8.
    • Improvements of trusted certificates handling mechanisms.
    • GridFTP transfer improvements.
    • jGlobus security audit: The first jGlobus security audit pointed out several critical security vulnerabilities and many other issues.
  • GridWay:
    • BES and CREAM drivers have been improved.
    • Credential delegation for multiple users is now possible in BES interface.
    • A DRMAA2 C binding is provided.
  • Globus Online Client:
    • Graphical user interface for Globus Online.
    • Developed as an Eclipse plugin
    • Provides customizable layout of the application views
    • Supported operating systems: currently MS Windows 32 bit, other OSes soon
    • User credentials taken from a MyProxy server
    • Provides the following operations on globus online endpoints (complementary operations under implementation):
      • create endpoint
      • activate endpoint
      • list available endpoints
      • list endpoint directory contents
      • transfer selected fiiles to and from Globus Connect endpoints
      • check status of file transfer
    • Errors are logged to ErrorLog view
  • OGSA-DAI Jersey:
    • REST based interface with a usable RESTful presentation layer.
    • New REST Clients for relational data access powered by a client toolkit for the RESTful presentation layer.
    • Various bug fixes.
    • Addition of a number of clients that are capable of interacting with OGSA-DAI via its REST API.
    • Necessary improvements to the server side.
    • Major updates and improvements to the user documents.
  • GridSAFE:
    • Extension of the GridSAFE packages produced in cycle 3 to consume the EMI Computing Accounting Record v1.0 format.
    • Adaptation to generate APEL Summary Job records directly from GridSAFE by developing an appropriate report template.
    • The Batch2UR scripts were modified and extended to gather data from GT5 GRAM audit logs and Generate Usage Records (URs) in the EMI Computing Accounting Record v1.0 format.
    • The modified scripts were documented and packaged with the GridSAFE SOAP client.
  • AdHoc VOMS:
    • VOMS agent – fixing existing bugs and adding new functionalities, including adding new users through the application form.
    • Increasing universal applicability of resource agents through the automated process of giving them the identity number and their registration.
    • Further development of the user interface – including messages informing the user about ongoing operations run by the application thanks to which the whole is more readable and understandable.
    • Preparation of AdHoc-VOMS to be put into repositories in the form of RPM packages for further distribution.
  • Security Integration:
    • The current state of the mapping between various credentials and Unix accounts are stored in an open database on the disk, but this information could change over time through (regular) system administrative interventions. This state is now preserved in a relational database with the added benefit of being accessible by other systems, e.g. GridSAFE and build-up an easy to backup historic view on the mapping state.The schema can be used to link up account mapping and/or credential mapping results originating from other credential types and link up more fine grained details from the specific work environment, i.e. a Gatekeeper and GridFTPd will be able to add service specific information together with the mapping results.
  • GSI-SSHTerm
    • Customisations for the updated PRACE Tier-1 systems for PRACE users.
    • Update of MyProxy Tool that improves the user experience.

An upcoming maintenance release will include a BESGRAM interface and improvements of the Globus Online client.

Globus 5.2.2:

Release notes

Quickstart guide

Highlights of this release include:
  • GridFTP
    • Added ability to restrict the directories/paths a server may access.
    • Added server support for setting file modification time.
    • Added ability (MLSC) to stream directory listings over the control channel.
  • GRAM5
    • Fixed a number of bugs found by OSG during high scalability testing.
    • Added job expiration and automatic cleanup for jobs that finish, but client does not do a final commit for several hours. This is configurable via RSL. Improves use of Condor-G for OSG.
    • Added site .rvf file support. This allows a site administrator to modify default RSL values and add or remove RSL attributes locally, without modifying packaged files. This allows configuration to remain when package updates are released.
  • MyProxy
    • Updated to MyProxy v5.6.
  • GSI-Enabled OpenSSH
    • Updated to gsissh v5.4.

To view details for each component, see
Section 8, “Release Notes by Component”.

  • Globus Default Security: Minor updates/bugfixes.
  • Globus GRAM5: Allows site-specific RVF entries. Fixes
  • Globus GridFTP: Improved security.
  • Globus GSI-OpenSSH 4.3p2: minor updates.
  • Globus MyProxy - 5.6: minor updates/bugfixes.

Read more about GT 5.2.2: