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IGE v3.1 notes

Release Date: 2013-01-31

IGE v3.1 is based on Globus Toolkit 5.2.3 and it is available from the IGE software repositories. It has been submitted to the next Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) release maintained by the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI). Details about the release and each component can be found below:

GT 5.2.3:

Release notes
Quickstart guide

Highlights of this release include:
  • GridFTP
    • Fixed logging bugs found during XSEDE validation testing.
  • GRAM5
    • Add support for LSF as a local resource manager.
    • Fix some stability bugs with SEG.
Read more about GT 5.2.3:

jGlobus 2.0.5 RC2:

New componets
  • jglobus-myproxy for myproxy support.
  • jglobus-axisg for integration of GSI security in Apache Axis.