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IGE v3.2 notes

Release Date: 2013-03-31

IGE v3.1 is based on Globus Toolkit 5.2.4 and it is available from the IGE software repositories. It has been submitted to the next Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) release maintained by the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI). Details about the release and each component can be found below:

GT 5.2.4:

Release notes
Quickstart guide

Highlights of this release include:
  • GridFTP
    • Add beta support for "Sharing" for use with Globus Online (
    • Added ability for clients to authenticate without delegating.
    • Added support for client to force using IPv6 via an environment variable
    • Improved reliability, logging, and fixed memory leaks
Read more about GT 5.2.4:

jGlobus 2.0.5:
  • This release addresses compatibility and performance issues with the IGTF CA bundle.
  • Several forward-ports of bugs reported by In particular, a larger set of RDN are supported.
  • CRLs are properly cached and reloaded, essential for running JGlobus as a trustmanager of a Java container.
besgram 0.0.1:
  • Lightweight BES/JSDL frontend to Globus
adhoc 2.0.0:
  • Better integration with the latest lcas-lcmaps-gt4-interface
GridWay 5.14.0:
  • Technology Preview of EMI-ES driver.
  • Usage statistics reporting to EGSC.
  • Other features and bug fixing.
Release notes

security integration 3.0.0:
  • Improvements in lcas-lcmaps-gt4-interface for gsissh specifically:
    • Cache result, to improve performance and prevent crashes
    • Support for mappings to one of multiple localaccounts (needs LCMAPS >=1.6 and LCMAPS plugins basic and voms >=1.6)
  • General:
    • Improved logging capabilities
    • Few bugfixes
ogsa-dai 4.2.3:
  • Support for use of Jersey 1.10 as a RESTful presentation layer
  • Support for streaming data from a data source or to a data sink in binary format
  • DQP updates and bug fixes
  • Other OGSA-DAI bug fixes
gsisshterm 1.3.4:
  • Turn on VOMS support in GSI-SSHTerm 
  • Improve GSI-SSHTerm interface such that VOMS functionality can be turned on and off via a simple checkbox.
  • Add VOMS support in MyProxy Tool
  • Improve error message in MyProxy Tool when JAVA's JCE jars are required.
gridsafe 1.3:
  • Extend Batch2UR to generate Usage Records incorporating LCMAPS VO data
Globus Info Provider Service 0.0.1:
  • Initial version of Globus generic info providers for BDII and YAIM configuration tool
  • GSISSH and GridFTP GLUE2 schema compliant info providers
  • GRAM5 GLUE1.3 and GLUE2 schema compliant info providers