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Service running

Globus RLS server
Service Description
Globus Replica Location Service server
Init scripts /etc/init.d/globus-rls-server
Daemon /usr/sbin/globus-rls-server
Configuration files /etc/globus-rls-server.conf
Logfile locations
The globus-rls-server logs to the system log:

Open ports

39281/tcpThe default RLS port (not registered by IANA)

Possible unit test of the service

The status of a service can be obtained using "globus-rls-admin -S rls://<host>:<port>". The :<port> part can be omitted if the server is using the default port.

Where is service state held (and can it be rebuilt)

The RLS must be configured to use a database to hold its persistent data. It uses the unixODBC abstraction library to support different database implementations. Table definitions are provided for MySQL, postgresql, oracle and sqlite.

Cron jobs


Security information

The RLS server uses GSI for authentication and authorizes users listed in the grid-mapfile.

Utility scripts

 Path/ Name
/usr/sbin/globus-rls-adminglobus-rls-admin performs administrative operations on an RLS server. See its manpage for details.