The objective of the European Globus Hub (EGH) is to provide a central platform for tools and information around the Globus ecosystem in Europe. As a "One Stop Shop" for all customers of the Globus Toolkit and other Globus Services, it will, over time, aggregate

  • Documentation and training material

  • Value-added software components

  • Experience sharing between users and developers

  • Best practices for the usage of Globus

and many other things.

As such, the EGH is arranged as a central collaboration platform for the towards the interested public in the European e-infrastructure context and beyond.

This way, we wish to

  • empower European e-infrastructure users and developers into making informed technology decisions on choosing Globus as a technology
  • foster the adoption of Globus technology in the European e-infrastructure for both present and emerging DCI projects
  • share experiences from past, present and future efforts with the European Globus user communities

Email Contacts

EGH provides 3 email addresses to address users' curiosity, problems and concerns.

Available Services

These are the services we have currently online for you:
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EGCF The European Globus Community Forum (EGCF) is the central place for Globus users, developers and administrators in Europe. Benefit from the EGCF service by becoming a member EGCF Services 
EGCF Discussion Board Share your knowledge and experience through the EGCF Discussion Board (EGCF membership required) Discussion Board 
European Globus Toolkit Mirror Download the components of the Globus Toolkit while using European mirror. The latest stable release is GT 5.0.4. European Globus Toolkit Mirror 
European Globus Tools Market This section is currently under construction. It will provide a number of useful Globus-related tools which were developed by the European Globus community. Globus Tools Market 
Globus Online Community Blog Globus Online provides a community blog. The blog will allow one to present/discuss/debate a range of Globus Online topics such as data movement, information sharing and collaboration, SaaS tools for researchers and grid vs. cloud. It will further publish regular reports from the Dey team, tips from expert users, success stories, articles from guest contributors and more. Globus Online Community Blog 
IGE Q&A A collection of questions & answers for Globus Toolkit. IGE Q&A 
Requirements & Issues Submit your requirements on Globus to us, via email, using a web form, or directly using our RT-based system. We will then keep you up-to-date with them automatically Requirements & Issues 
Training Hub The training hub collects, consolidates and offers existing training material in the Globus context. It also provides an overview of upcoming workshops and training events. Globus Training Hub 
Showing 8 items