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One of the primary goals of IGE is to gather and address Globus requirements emerging from European research communities.  Perhaps you are a member of a community that uses a Globus-based infrastructure for your research and you have a Globus-related requirement - maybe Globus is missing a specific feature, or you have encountered a specific technical issue, and having this resolved would better enable your project to do its research?  If so, we would be very happy to hear from you about your requirements and perhaps we can help.

In order to fulfil this goal, IGE has the following requirements handling objectives:
  • Capture: capture, classify and manage requirements throughout their lifecycle through the IGE European Global Community Forum (EGCF).
  • Implement: support the implementation of technical Globus requirements within IGE's development activities.
  • Represent: facilitate representation of requirements within other projects, standards bodies such as the Open Grid Forum, and the Globus development team through the IGE European Globus Liaison Office (EGLO).
  • Inform: ensure appropriate, timely external feedback on the progress of requirements representation to requirements stakeholders.
  • Coordinate: engage and coordinate handling of requirements with other key requirements gathering processes and activities in other European projects such as EGI and EMI.
IGE has a specific work package, International Collaboration and Standardization (WP3), designed to provide this as a free community service.

How You Can Register Requirements with Us

You can inform us of requirements you have in a number of ways.  Firstly, we have a deployed Request Tracker (RT) which can be used to directly register your requirements with us...
  • Join the EGCF: by joining the EGCF you will gain a user account to register your requirement. This is the preferred method, and gives you a host of other benefits. Learn more about the EGCF.
  • Request a Request Tracker account: you can request an RT user account to register your requirements.  You can request an account by emailing, using RT account request as the subject of the email, and including in the text: your full name, any research communities and/or Grid/cloud infrastructures you are involved with and your affiliation.  Clicking the support@ mailto link above will provide an email template with this information for you
  • Drop us an email: you can also get in touch with us to discuss your requirements by filling in an email template and sending it to us or just writing your own email
There are two ways in which you can use RT once you have an account (just let us know which method you would prefer):
  • Username/password login: your account can be configured to access RT simply using a username and password - see
  • Certificate-based access: using an X509 certificate, affiliated with a well-known CA, your account can be configured to access RT over HTTPS - see
When your requirements are registered within our RT system you will be notified of any updates to the requirement.  If you would simply like to discuss your requirements, please email

What Happens Next

After a requirement is registered you will receive a notification via email.  IGE will then categorise the requirement, perhaps discussing the issue further with you, and determine to what extent IGE can help.  If accepted by IGE, you will be notified of progress updates and solutions and of course its resolution may require further correspondence.

An important part of the process is verification, where any solution to a requirement is verified as meeting its requirement.  This will involve some analysis and testing of the solution by your community (if it is a technical solution) and providing feedback to us about the suitability of the solution.

What we Do, in Detail

If you wish to understand how IGE deals with requirements in more detail, please see the IGE project deliverable D3.2 - The IGE Requirements Management Process which can be found below in the attachments section.
Matthias Hofmann,
23 Feb 2011, 08:03