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Requirements Email Template

When registering a requirement with us via email, please fill out the following information (clicking this link will provide an email template with the required fields to fill in):

Full Name: your full name.

Affiliation: organisation/institution to which you are currently affiliated.

Notification Email: assuming you wish to be notified when updates to the requirement are made (such as IGE discussions, questions for you, status changes) then specify the email address to send notifications.

Notification Cc: you can add in the email addresses of anyone else you wish to be notify in the event of any changes to the requirement.

Subject: a short title of the requirement.

Requirement Description: a description of what is required.

Originating Community: short description of any research communities, including production Grid infrastructures, to which you belong which are in need of the requirement.

Perceived Need: how urgently the described requirement is needed by its community (1 = not urgent, 5 = very urgent).

Desired Timeframe: the ideal timeframe for when a resolution is required.

The following information is not mandatory, but helpful to have:

Use Case(s): short descriptions, or links to descriptions, of use cases that involve or relate to the described requirement e.g. for a technical issue you could provide description of the set up, the context of the requirement, etc.

Rationale: a short description of why it is an important requirement to solve i.e. its impact.

Dependencies: any dependencies (technical or non-technical) of the requirement that you are aware of.

Related Information: links to further online resources that help to describe the requirements in further detail e.g project website pages, Wiki entries, papers.