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Globus Tools Market

IGE hub is proud to bring you the Tools Market! The Tools Market contains a selection of useful Globus related tools that we carefully gather for you! There will be 3 categories of tools:

  • IGE supported tools
  • IGE recommended tools
  • Useful tools

IGE supported tools are tools where IGE members are part of the development team. As such, you can expect quality and support from us. You can request for additional features or functionalities or report a bug via our Request Tracker.

IGE recommended tools are tools where IGE has carefully selected, tested and verified. IGE's support team will be able to provide installation, configuration and usage support.

The Useful tools are a helpful selection of other tools that we have gathered for your convenience.

IGE supported tools

  • Globus Online Client (Windows)
  • GridWay:  Metascheduler enables large-scale, reliable and efficient sharing of computing resources. Tested OS include: MAC OS X, Linux and Solaris.
  • GSI-SSHTerm: Java WebStart based (GSI) SSH client that is customised and improved by IGE to cater to the needs of European users. Includes useful tools like VNC Session, Secure Tunneling, Terminal Session, SFTP Session, MyProxy Tool and Keygen. VOMS support is also included. Tested OS include: MAC OS X, Linux and Windows.  
  • OGSA-DAI: An innovative solution for distributed data access and management on the web or within grids or clouds.

IGE recommended tools
Useful tools
  • Certificate Wizard: Java WebStart based MyProxy client to apply for and manage Grid certificate on your local computer. Supported OS includes: MAC OS X, Linux and Windows. 
  • Globus GRAM job manager setup: SLURM (GT4)
  • GridFTP GUI: Java WebStart based GridFTP client from Globus for file transfers. Supported OS include: MAC OS X, Linux and Windows.
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If you have developed a Globus related tool or have been using a tool that is not in our Tools Market, do not hesitate to share with us. Contact us at