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This is a brief guide to using the IGE Grid-SAFE showcase system.  Detailed documentation and screen-capture videos are also available.  In this demonstration, the IGE-RUPI client application will be downloaded and used to submit sample OGF format Usage Records (URs) to the IGE demo GridSAFE service.  The GridSAFE WebAcct portal will then be used to generate a graphical representation of usage patterns.

IGE-RUPI client has been tested on Linux systems (EL 5/6) and Ubuntu 12.04.  It requires a Java JRE and has been tested with Open JDK 1.6.0_22

1. Download and unpack the IGE-RUPI client tarball:

$ wget http://gridsafe.omii.ac.uk:8080/ige-rupi-client.20120825.tgz
$ tar xf ige-rupi-client.20120825.tgz
$ cd ige-rupi-client/

2. Submit the sample URs to the RUPI service on gridsafe.omii.ac.uk

$ ./ige-rupi-client.sh https://gridsafe.omii.ac.uk:8443/axis2/services/RUPIService sample-ur1.xml
$ ./ige-rupi-client.sh https://gridsafe.omii.ac.uk:8443/axis2/services/RUPIService sample-ur2.xml
(You can safely ingore any "log4j:WARN" messages)

3. Open a web browser and navigate to "http://gridsafe.omii.ac.uk:8080/webacct/" (See fig 1. below)
Log in using username / password : gridsafe / gridsafe

4. Generate a TimeChart report. (See fig 2.).  Select ‘Count’ as the quantity to plot, for a single block of two months beginning 1 Feb 2012.

Other report formats are detailed in the Grid-SAFE documentation
For further information contact J.S.Robinson@soton.ac.uk

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 3