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GridSAM Showcase

This is a brief guide to using the GridSAM showcase system.  A more detailed GridSAM tutorial is available from the main GridSAM site.

1. For GSI-SSH access to the GridSAM demo machine, contact J.S.Robinson@soton.ac.uk with the DN of your IGTF-trusted certificate.

2 . Create proxy credentials and upload to the MyProxy server on the demo machine:

$ myproxy-init -l gridsamuser -s melkrobot.nikhef.nl
(Important for demo: Store credentials with My Proxy pass phrase 'foobar', this value is hardcoded into the JSDL document used in the demonstration).

$ myproxy-logon -l gridsamuser -s melkrobot.nikhef.nl
Supply My Proxy pass phrase 'foobar' as above.

3. Connect to the demo box:
$ gsissh -p 2222  melkrobot.nikhef.nl

4. Retrieve proxy credentials
$ myproxy-logon -b -T -l gridsamuser -s melkrobot.nikhef.nl
Supply My Proxy pass phrase 'foobar'

5. Test environment with globusrun:
$ globusrun -o -r melkrobot.nikhef.nl:2119/jobmanager-fork-poll '&(executable="/bin/hostname" )'
This should return 'melkrobot.nikhef.nl'

6. cd to gridsam client directory:
$ cd gridsam-2.3.0-client

7. Execute GridSAM uname demo script:
$ ./run_uname.sh

This invokes the GridSAM client to submit the job described in uname.jsdl to a local GridSAM service.  This in turn submits the job to GRAM.   After 30 seconds the GridSAM client is called to check the status of the job, and this information is outputted to the screen.  This check is repeated twice at 30 second intervals.  When the job is complete, the output line starting ‘Job Progress’ will be as follows:

Job Progress 'urn:gridsam:422be0a33910f9290139253c10ba0024': pending -> staging-in -> staged-in -> active -> executed -> staging-out -> staged-out -> done

8. Check output:

$ cat ~/gridsam-globus/out/stdout.txt
If the job has proceeded to completion, the output should be as follows:
‘Linux melkrobot.nikhef.nl 2.6.18-308.8.2.el5 #1 SMP Tue Jun 12 09:58:12 EDT 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux’

For further information contact J.S.Robinson@soton.ac.uk