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Joint European DCI Summer School 2011


11-16 July 2011, Budapest, Hungary

The Distributed Computing Infrastructure projects in Europe aim to provide
European researchers with a pan-European computing infrastructure built
from federated distributed resources and also access to desktop grids. The
projects support, maintain and develop middleware, and explore the
application of cloud computing to grid infrastructures and scientific

The summer school will give insights into the distributed computing
technologies provided by the European Middleware Initiative, the
Initiative for Globus in Europe, the European Desktop Grid Initiative and
StratusLab. Based on the experience of DEGISCO and the European Grid
Infrastructure, the school will also address organization, application
porting, and user support in production infrastructures based on these

The DCI projects are part-funded under the e-Infrastructures topic of the
EU FP7 "Capacities" theme.


For detailed information, please visit this webpage:


Day 1: European Middleware Initiative [EMI] products
Day 2: GLOBUS middleware development and services [IGE]
Day 3: Integrating Desktop Grids with EMI middleware [EDGI]
Day 4: Application and infrastructure support for Desktop Grids [DEGISCO]
Day 5: Cloud systems based on StratusLab toolkit [STRATUSLAB]
Day 6 (half-day): User Support in the European Grid Infrastructure
collaboration [EGI-InSPIRE]

For more detailed programme visit this webpage:


Registration deadline is 30th June, 2011.

For registration fees, please visit this webpage:

For online registration, please visit this webpage:


Stephen Brewer ( [EGI-Inspire]
Kathryn Cassidy (Trinity College Dublin) [EMI]
Ad Emmen (AlmereGrid) [EDGI and DEGISCO]
Florida Estrella (CERN) [EMI]
Emidio Giorgio (INFN) [EMI]
Peter Kacsuk (MTA SZTAKI)
Jozsef Kovacs (MTA SZTAKI) [EDGI]
Ioan Lucian Muntean (TU of Cluj-Napoca) [IGE]
Steven Newhouse ( [EGI-Inspire]
David O'Callaghan (Trinity College Dublin) [StratusLab]
Gergely Sipos ( [EGI-Inspire]