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IGE signs agreement with ERINA+

posted 1 Mar 2011, 00:53 by Unknown user   [ updated 1 Mar 2011, 04:28 by Matthias Hofmann ]

The Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) and the ERINA+ project have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on February 18, 2011 via mutual document exchange. The MoU formalises the new business relationship between the two institutions.

The European Commission (EC) through the 8th e-Infrastructure Concertation meeting has highlighted the need for impact assessment at project level by dedicating a session on Socio- Economic Evaluation of e-Infrastructures which aim was the following: the EC, currently monitoring FP7 implementation and developing EU policy in the perspective of FP8, has declared a clear need for assessing the EC investments in the area of e-Infrastructures. As highlighted in the Communication "Responding to Strategic Needs: Reinforcing the use of evaluation", a rigorous evidence-based decision-making (contrary to an opinion-based) process is crucial for planning, designing and implementing the EU policies.

In order to work towards a more elaborate evaluation in a joint-venture, the MoU establishes that IGE will collaborate on the socio-economic impact assessment conducted by ERINA+. This gives official start to apply the ERINA+ Draft Assessment Methodology and Process to the first project within the DCI Collaborative Roadmap. The agreement was signed by Helmut Heller, project director of IGE, and Steven Newhouse, director of, on behalf of EGI.

Cooperation defined within the MoU include

  • development of quality indicators for impact assessment of the Capacities infrastructure and services by ERINA+, and their prototypic usage in the context of IGE; and
  • information exchange regarding sustainibility planning and exploitation of the efforts, and mutual support in dissemination

ERINA+ is a project partially funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program and composed as a consortium of four partners (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., the Zentrum fur Soziale Innovation, T6 Ecosystem S.r.l. and Eurokleis S.r.l.). The main objective of ERINA+ is to evaluate the impact of e-Infrastructure funded projects through the deployment of an effective socio-economic methodology as well as proposing, by the end of the project activities, a pro-active self-assessment methodology.