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GlobusEUROPE 2011: Call for participation

posted 12 Aug 2011, 06:38 by Matthias Hofmann   [ updated 12 Aug 2011, 06:59 ]

The first ever GlobusEUROPE annual conference will be held on 19th September 2011 at Lyon, France. This is a must-attend event of the year for European Globus users. GlobusEUROPE is the European counterpart of GlobusWORLD (the leading annual Globus event) with an equally strong community focus geared specifically to the concerns of a European audience. GlobusEUROPE is organised by the Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) and is co-located with the European Grid Infrastructure Technical Forum 2011 (EGI-TF 2011), the Open Grid Forum 33rd Conference (OGF33),and Grid2011.

GlobusEUROPE will bring together a range of users from Globus communities across Europe, along with the lead Globus PI from the US and the team from the Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE). This will give attendees the chance to connect with other Globus users and experts from Europe and the US. Thus, the event will be a valuable opportunity to learn about the latest Globus developments and plans, and also to discuss about challenges and use cases with professionals from a wide range of areas.

The conference features keynote talks from Steve Tuecke, Globus co-founder and PI, University of Chicago and Argonne Laboratory about recent Globus Toolkit updates (GT5.2) along with a Globus Online live demo and from Dr. Helmut Heller, Project Director, Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) about the IGE project itself and its offers in order to support the European Globus communities. This program will be further supplemented by a number of Globus-related reports and success stories from European grid communities such as from Dr. David Wallom, Technical Director of the UK National Grid Service. More information regarding the conference program is available online.

Online registration will be open until 9th September. All attendees will receive an exclusive gift and enjoy cocktails to commemorate this first annual event. Visit the GlobusEUROPE 2011 web site for more information.