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Grid and Cloud: IGE’s Cooperation with StratusLab

posted 7 Feb 2013, 02:26 by Matthias Hofmann   [ updated 7 Feb 2013, 02:26 ]
The Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) looks back to a successful and intensive cooperation with the StratusLab project ( that ended in Autumn 2012. “Our cooperation with StratusLab shows excellent opportunities of bringing Grid and Cloud technologies together”, says Dr. Helmut Heller, Project Director of IGE. Globus is a grid middleware that is actively promoted, customized,  and sustained by IGE.

Heller refers to the fact that the IGE project leverages the StratusLab Cloud to publish and run appliances having the Globus middleware (GT5) components installed. “The purpose of this kind of deployment is to provide the very Globus user an easy and flexible way of using Globus in different configurations very quickly.”, adds Helmut Heller, “While not taking care of the number of machines, the operating systems, and settings of the different Globus services.” Thus, customers are able to download a whole bunch of different appliances from the StratusLab marketplace ( The prepared appliances were named in a way that IGE as their originator, the specific Globus version, and installed operating system can be easily identified (e.g. "IGE-ubuntu v12.04 x86_64").

Regarding IGE’s trainings for the community, all of them held in 2012 used virtual machines deployed on the StratusLab clouds, using IGE images published on the StratusLab marketplace. This way, we were given the possibility to create machines on two cloud infrastructures, in France and Greece, in order to have backup machines, in case it was needed. We created up to 25 instances of Globus appliances (VM) for each training event. The training events were DCI Summer School (Budapest, Hungary), GridKA (Karlsruhe, Germany), EGI Forum (Praga, Czech Republic), and SYNASC Conference (Timisoara, Romania).

“Additionally, StratusLab helped us tremendously in order to drive our primary project goals forward by supporting our certification and training efforts”, praised Dr. Helmut Heller. IGE is also responsible for measuring and assuring software quality in its testing and certification work package and used Globus appliances in doing so. This offered IGE certifiers the possibility to create new clean Globus installed virtual machines in each certification cycle.