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GT 5.2 Released

posted 16 Dec 2011, 02:20 by Matthias Hofmann   [ updated 19 Dec 2011, 01:07 ]

On behalf of the Globus Toolkit development team, the Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) is pleased to announce the production release of Globus Toolkit (GT) 5.2.

GT 5.2 is the culmination of more than a year of development effort to greatly enhance the ability to install, setup and update the GT client and service components. This has been achieved by providing binary native packages for the following platforms: Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Scientific Linux, and CentOS. IGE contributed to this release with native packaging efforts. A Globus repository containing all packages will be maintained. By following the Quickstart guide, it is now possible to install and setup a full GT environment in minutes.

GT 5.2 includes the latest versions of all components: GRAM, GridFTP, MyProxy and GSISSH. This latest version of GRAM includes a number of scalability and reliability improvements found from working with Open Science Grid (OSG) that are not in the 5.0 series. GridFTP added support for the DCSC command, which allows the client to specify credentials used to secure the data channel connection. Globus Online utilizes this command for seamless data movement across multiple security domains. GT 5.2 is protocol and client API compatible with GT 5.0 (e.g. 5.2 clients will work with GT 5.0 services, and visa versa).

For more information about GT5.2, please have a look at the following websites: