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IGE Cooperating with PRACE-2IP Project

posted 26 Feb 2013, 05:26 by Matthias Hofmann

The Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the PRACE-2IP project. PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, has been established as a pan-European Research Infrastructure providing outstanding computing services to enable world-class research on world-class HPC systems. The PRACE-2IP project supports the implementation phase of the PRACE research infrastructure.

"This MoU underscores the importance of Globus Grid technology for high performance computing in Europe”, says Dr. Helmut Heller, project director of IGE. “Through this cooperation, the PRACE-2IP project will receive support from the European Globus Community Forum (EGCF) and assistance for organising  events such as Globus training sessions for PRACE users".

One major highlight according to Heller is that sustainable support for PRACE-2IP will be provided by the European Globus Community Forum (EGCF) after the project lifetime of IGE. In order to boost the strength and impact of the EGCF, the PRACE-2IP project will encourage its operational staff that assists Globus users to  engage with EGCF.

The MoU also states that IGE will provide technical support to the PRACE-2IP project for developing and maintaining Globus and IGE software on its infrastructure. “We appreciate very much“, adds Heller, “that the PRACE-2IP project is also working on the evaluation of GridWay and Globus Online.” Globus Online ( is a reliable, high performance, secure file transfer and sharing system.

In addition, joint dissemination activities are to be carried out. “Since there is only little time left in our project for IGE to cooperate with the PRACE-2IP project, we hope that this work can be continued within EGCF”, states Heller.

PRACE-2IP project members will attend the third annual meeting of the European Globus Community Forum (EGCF) that will take place in Manchester on April 8th, co-located with the EGI Community Forum 2013. More information on that meeting can be found at: