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IGE: Final Software Releases!

posted 2 May 2013, 01:25 by Matthias Hofmann

IGE is very proud to announce that the final IGE releases IGE v3.2, and IGE v3.2.1 have been successfully made! "We are very happy to have this important goal of the project accomplished.", says Dr. Helmut Heller, project director of IGE. "During the course of the past two and a half years, we collected a lot of requirements from various user communities that found their way into our software distribution. It is also great that we are able to offer our software for a big variety of Linux flavors, and even MacOS!"

The final IGE releases will, as usual, be submitted to the next Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) release maintained by the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI).

Highlights of the IGE v3.2 and IGE v3.2.1 releases are:
  • Update to GT 5.2.4, including bug fixes and beta support for the Globus Online sharing services (
  • Update to jGlobus 2.0.5
  • New: BESGRAM 0.0.1: Lightweight BES/JSDL frontend to Globus
  • AdHoc: Better integration with the latest lcas/lcmaps interface
  • Additional features in GridWay: Statistics are now reported to the European Globus Statistics Collector (EGSC), bug fixes
  • Improvements of the Grid security integrations
  • Update of OGSA-DAI
  • New version of GSISSH-TERM (including security fix)
  • New version of Grid-SAFE
  • New: BDII Globus Info Provider Service
  • Improved version of the IGE Globus Online Client
More information on the IGE software releases can be found on:, and