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IGE released to UMD 1.7.0!

posted 4 Jun 2012, 05:16 by Matthias Hofmann
IGE components have been successfully integrated into UMD 1.7.0! It was released on May 28th, featuring a number of important updates:

  • GSISSH 4.3.5 (Interactive Job Access)
  • GSISSH Term 1.3.3 (Interactive Job Access): GSISSHTerm with general improvements. Fix wrong paths in wrapper script
  • GRAM5 5.2.0 (Compute services): New SLURM backend for GRAM5.

  • BLAH 1.16.5 (CREAM component): Enabled submission to Torque 2.5.8. Fixed problems that caused high load.
  • DPM MySQL 1.8.3: SRMv1 disabled by default, plus other features and problems fix
  • dCache 1.9.12-13: bug fix, improved admin interface
  • LFC MySQL and Oracle 1.8.3: Packaging Fedora compliant. Added support for MySQL 5.5 for the db creation script and other features.
  • LCG Utils 1.12.0: GLUE2.0 support, plus other features and bug fixes
  • WMS 3.3.5: Enable wildcards in FQANs in WMproxy GACL file, fixed other scalability issues

Additional information can be found here: