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IGE signs MoU with EMI

posted 12 Apr 2012, 09:31 by Matthias Hofmann   [ updated 12 Apr 2012, 09:33 ]

During EGCF 2012, IGE and EMI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with European Middleware Initiative (EMI). The EMI  project is a close collaboration of four major middleware providers, ARC, dCache, gLite and UNICORE and plans to deliver a consolidated set of middleware components for deployment in EGI, PRACE and other DCIs. More information on the EMI project is available online here.

"We are glad to have this MoU now completed ", says Dr. Helmut Heller, project manager of IGE, "and are looking forward to a successful cooperation with EMI." The MoU defines specific set of activities to be carried out during the collaboration:

  1. IGE/EMI integration, support and maintenance: EMI relies on IGE, as provider of official Globus packages, for dedicated support from Globus developers and maintainers. EMI will gradually move away from its current usage to a more standard use of Globus maintained by IGE and distributed as part of their operating systems distributions like Fedora or Ubuntu. EMI will provide feedback, recommendations and lessons learned to validate and improve IGE offerings. 

  2. Standardization and Interoperability: EMI and IGE will work together to make their data and compute products which provide similar functionalities interoperable through the adoption of agreed standards and API harmonization where appropriate. 

  3. Globus/EMI platform requirements and planning: EMI will provide Globus requirements to IGE, and IGE will provide EMI platform requirements to EMI.  As mutual consumers of each other’s components, both projects will submit enhancements or feature requests to the other project to better support their middleware distribution and address some of their own requirements, if needed.

  4. Dissemination: EMI and IGE will have a coordinated dissemination strategy, raising the awareness of communities relying on the projects’ technologies about new and improved offerings.