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IGE signs MoU with VERCE

posted 3 Jul 2012, 01:35 by Matthias Hofmann   [ updated 3 Jul 2012, 02:13 ]

IGE recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the VERCE  (Virtual Earthquake and seismology Research Community e-science environment in Europe) project. VERCE aims to provide a comprehensive architecture and framework adapted to the scale and the diversity of data-intensive applications in data mining and modelling, and integrating the community Data infra-structure with Grid and HPC infrastructures.

"VERCE is a very important strategical partner ", says Dr. Helmut Heller, project director of IGE, "since we are always interested in helping scientific projects doing their work. This MoU also helps us to sustain and to establish and strengthen the European Globus Community." In particular, the MoU comprises of agreements in the following areas:

  • Exchange and Support of Appropriate Requirements: VERCE will provide IGE with any appropriate technical requirements for development or support by IGE. IGE plans to develop a functional test-suite for a number of Globus-related components. VERCE would like to make use of this test-suite and contribute to its development with requirements emerging from VERCE. The services and tools where VERCE requires a test-suite are GridFTP, OGSA-DAI, Globus Replica Location Service (RLS), GRAM and GSI-SSH.

  • Globus support: IGE support for Globus Online, jGlobus and GSI-SSHTerm will be provided where required. IGE will also provide further technical support for VERCE¦s intention to provide an integrated platform for the seismology community using Globus tools and services. VERCE members will primarily use the EGCF discussion board and the IGE request tracker to submit support specific requests or issues to IGE.

  • Dissemination of Collaboration Success: Where the collaboration between the two projects yields a successful outcome, this should be disseminated through each project¡¦s channels as a successful mu-tual endeavour.

  • Globus Training: IGE will schedule training events for the VERCE project.