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IGE v2.0 released!

posted 3 Feb 2012, 07:46 by Matthias Hofmann   [ updated 3 Feb 2012, 07:47 ]

The Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) is proud to announce IGE v2.0! This full release is based on Globus Toolkit 5.2 which was published in December 2011 as a result of more than one year of development effort.

A major highlight of IGE v2.0 is the full integration of GRAM 5 so that users are now able to obtain a full Globus release directly from IGE. “This important step has successfully been taken”, says Dr. Helmut Heller, project director of IGE, “in order to achieve the vision of a one-stop-shop for the European Globus community.”

Although the Globus core developer team from the US took the Replica Location Service (RLS) out of its official release, IGE decided to integrate it again into IGE v2.0. “This is one example of reacting to users’ needs to help them achieve their goals”, says Dr. Heller. “We recently started a Globus user survey that will help us to decide whether this component will still be needed in future releases.” To this end, IGE kindly encourages users to fill out the following survey:

"We also decided to embed SAGA packages into our release.", adds Dr. Heller. "This strengthens our already close cooperation with the SAGA project". The Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA) is a standardized C++ and Python API for developing distributed applications that can run on grid and cloud infrastructures.

As usual, GridWay, GridSAM and VOMS integrations are part of the IGE release. GridWay is a meta-scheduler that provides an easy way to submit and handle jobs on GT5-based grids and it can interact with other execution, information, and file-transfer services. GridSAM provides a job submission interface for submitting computational jobs to many commonly used distributed resource management systems (Condor, PBS, SGE, etc.). The VOMS integration refers to the integration of Globus components with LCAS/LCMAPS.

Besides these extensions, certain components have been improved within IGE v2.0: In GSI-SSHTerm, support for PKCS#8 certificates and symbolic linked CAs were added, and the component builds now on jGlobus 1.8.

As in previous releases, IGE v2.0 is configured to send statistics to the European Globus Statistics Collector (EGSC). This ensures compliance with European Data Privacy laws by collecting Globus usage statistics within Europe. The collected data is anonymized and aggregated by EGSC before passing them to the US.

IGE v2.0 will also be part of the next UMD release.

More information on IGE v2.0, including the release, notes can be obtained from:

For more information about GT5.2, please have a look at the following websites: