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IGE Whitepaper on Secure Data Sharing with AdHoc Released

posted 30 Mar 2013, 04:16 by Matthias Hofmann
The Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) is proud to announce the whitepaper “Secure data sharing with AdHoc.”The document argues the need to form temporary and dynamic collaborations to share diverse resources (e.g., data, access to services, applications, or various instruments) is pressing, in particular in scientific circles.

Thus the whitepaper includes The Manifesto for Secure Sharing. The main postulate is that users should be able to share data and resources by themselves without any intervention on the system administrator's side. In addition, operating an intuitive interface alleviates the need for IT skills.

The answer presented is AdHoc – a tool for an online resource sharing interface designed for users willing to share data or computational resources within seconds such as presented in the following IGE showcase:

The whitepaper demonstrates how this application cooperates with traditional security frameworks, such as the PKI X.509 certificate scheme, Globus GSI, gLite VOMS, and Shibboleth. “Secure data sharing with AdHoc” also presents how is it possible for user communities to rapidly and securely collaborate without the need of an intervention by the system administrator.

"With the paper, another important target of the IGE project has been fulfilled. We address the pressing need to form temporary and dynamic collaborations.", says Dr. Helmut Heller, project director of IGE.

"In traditional Grid technologies, the abstraction of a Virtual Organization (VO) is often not easy to handle. With AdHoc we tried to address exactly this issue. The whitepaper Secure data sharing with AdHoc presents the results of our work.", adds Sebastian Czechowski who is one of the main developers of AdHoc working for GridwiseTech (GWT). As an industrial partner, GWT is also involved in the IGE project.

AdHoc is actively developed and maintained by IGE: The whitepaper itself is available at: AdHoc will be demonstrated through the third annual EGCF meeting on April 8th 2013 in Manchester. More information can be obtained from: