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SuperMUC started its duty!

posted 3 Jul 2012, 04:22 by Matthias Hofmann   [ updated 4 Jul 2012, 00:26 ]

The new top performance supercomputer of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences with more than 3 Petaflops floating-point performance, was published in the TOP500 list of the quickest supercomputers at place 4 worldwide and place 1 in Europe. SuperMUC's multi-purpose processors are applicable to a broad range of scientific problems. Its hot-water cooling puts energy efficiency to new levels.

IGE and Globus software and services are also up and running on SuperMUC:

  • GridFTP
  • GRAM
  • public endpoints for Globus Online

Please find more information on the SuperMUC here!