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European Globus Community Forum


The European Globus Community Forum (EGCF) is the organizational body of the Globus community in Europe. Its goal is to boost an integrated approach to collaboration on Globus development and to provide an organizational platform to foster cooperation within Europe and beyond. Its members are users, administrators, and developers, who are applying the Globus Toolkit as their middleware or are interested in doing so.


In order to leverage the European collaboration within Europe, it is of utter importance

  1. to shape and support a strong community of Globus customers in the European context and
  2. to ensure the participation of both the user and the developer side.

The EGCF delivers an organizational platform by aggregating, consolidating, and provisioning expertise from the Globus users and developers in the European Grid communities to foster cooperation.


To this end, it
  • informs the community about European and international developments in the wider context of Globus software and services,
  • arranges and coordinates meetings and workshops for users, developers, and administrators,
  • connects projects and communities within Europe and beyond for exchanging knowledge and sharing experience with Globus software.

Overall, it helps fostering collaboration and ensure a representative position of the European Globus in US-based bodies such as the Globus Alliance and the Globus core development teams.


Sign up for EGCF for free and benefit from the following advantages:
  • Get a privileged account for IGE Request Tracker
  • Join in on discussions in the EGCF discussion board
  • Receive the EGCF Magazine "Layer 8 - The EGCF Gazette" (grab the first edition here).
  • Add your ideas to the one European voice to communicate EU requirements to the US Globus team
  • Be the first to receive news and updates about Globus developments in the US and in Europe
  • Network with fellow Globus enthusiasts and experts and exchange experiences and know-how
  • Get voting rights for the EGCF speaker election (if you belong to an institution which is located in the EU)

The EGCF is an open body and welcoming participation by everyone interested in the future of Globus software and services. It provides a formal, “no obligations” membership towards the community and convenes once per year at a dedicated meeting.

From its member base, the EGCF recruits
  • a speaker for a one-year term (currently Michael Krieger, RISC Software GmbH, Austria)
  • a secretary for a one-year term (currently Matthias Hofmann, TU Dortmund University, Germany)

During the lifetime of the Initiative for Globus in Europe project within the 7th Framework Programme ICT Research Infrastructure effort (RI-261560), the EGCF receives strong support from it. This covers the organization of meetings, backoffice for the speaker and secretary, and support for training outreach activities.