The Initiative for Globus in Europe, IGE, is a comprehensive service provider for European e-infrastructures. It is focused on the development, customisation, provisioning, support, and maintenance of components of the Globus Toolkit and Globus Online, in close collaboration with the European Grid Initiative (EGI), Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) projects, and Standard Development Organisations (SDOs). 

By coordinating Globus activities within Europe, IGE drives forward Globus developments according to the requirements of European users and strengthens the influence of European developers on Globus technology roadmaps. This ensures the representation of important European topics such as security and privacy, data privacy protection, compatibility with Grid standards used in Europe to enable interoperability, and aspects of multi-nationality.


The overarching objective of IGE is to help European researchers by removing obstacles to using DCIs and allowing them to more easily and effectively harness greater computing power already available (such as DEISA or PRACE).

More specifically, IGE:

  1. Adapts Globus to better fulfil European requirements by coordinating European input from users, developers, and infrastructure providers and thereby strongly impacting the open source progress of Globus Toolkit.
  2. Adds the European perspective to Globus by delivering tailored software development, operation, support, training, and documentation services to the European communities, and acts as a central hub for Globus within Europe.
  3. Broadens the adoption of Globus in Europe through coordinated dissemination, standardisation, and test infrastructure operation to foster seamless use of Grid infrastructures in other parts of the world.
User Communities

The substantial demand for Globus in Europe is shown by over 30 active supporters of IGE, ranging from industry, academia, e-Infrastructures, NGIs and international Grid projects. Within Europe alone, IGE includes members from over 25 countries through more than ten large multi-national initiatives (including PRACE and EGI).

The seamless and progressive transition in services delivered through IGE will deliver a user-friendly, well-integrated Globus distribution and thus present a transparent and cost-effective way forward for current and emerging user communities in the European Research Area.

International Aspects

Especially in the Americas and Asia-Pacific area, Globus is often the solution of choice for building Grid infrastructures. In order to support cooperation with international researchers, IGE ensures that Globus is provided in a consistent way to European researchers, thus promoting close collaboration and interoperability with already established research infrastructures worldwide. Thus transatlantic relations in DCI research, development, and operation are further strengthened by the increase in international collaboration as a grassroots movement.