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IGE Collaborations

IGE has the important aim of coordinating all European Globus activities. This is accomplished by means of joint initiatives with key DCI projects such as EGI and EMI, SDOs such as the Open Grid Forum, infrastructure providers at national and institutional levels, and communities.

IGE provides Globus-oriented components adapted to the needs of the wider Grid community, and releases them into the research domain through their own distributions and through the Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) of EGI. The European Globus Community Forum (EGCF, initiated by IGE) promotes an integrated approach to collaboration on Globus development by means of a organizational platform. By consolidating and representing European Globus interests, IGE strengthens the influence of the European community within the Globus Alliance. In terms of the sustainability of IGE, the EGCF will assume key IGE services after the lifetime of the IGE project.

The following are projects and organisations with which we have formalised collaboration agreements (in alphabetical order):

The following are projects and organisations with which we collaborate without a formal agreement: