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The Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology (DRIHM) project intends to develop a prototype e-Science environment to facilitate easy access to hydrometeorological data and models, and facilitate the collaboration between meteorologists, hydrologists, and Earth science experts for accelerated scientific advances in hydrometeorological research (HMR).

The project aims to provide end-to-end HMR services (models, datasets and post-processing tools) at the European level, with the ability to expand to global scale. The objectives of DRIHM are to lead the definition of a common long-term strategy, to foster the development of new HMR models and observational archives for the study of severe hydrometeorological events, to promote the execution and analysis of high-end simulations, and to support the dissemination of predictive models as decision analysis tools.


Joint Work Plan

This close collaboration will enable the DRIHM project to leverage Globus support and expand the use of Globus services and tools within their hydro-meteorological community. The specific goals of the collaboration are:
  • for IGE to provide an application support environment for DRIHM applications within the IGE Testbed
  • for IGE to provide Globus support to DRIHM to assist their investigations into adopting and testing appropriate Globus technologies
  • for DRIHM to leverage IGE's expertise and contacts to facilitate DRIHM's access and workflow integration into the EGI and PRACE infrastructures
  • for both projects to coordinate dissemination on joint activities
  • for IGE to provide targeted Globus training to DRIHM where appropriate and required
Link to DRIHM page: http://www.drihm.eu/