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The EU-IndiaGrid2 project capitalises on the achievements of EU-IndiaGrid by acting as a bridge across European and Indian e-infrastructures to foster evolution in these regions and to ensure sustainable scientific, educational and technological collaboration.  EU-IndiaGrid2 aims to:
  • Support specific user communities in the exploitation of grid infrastructure in areas strategic for EU-Indian collaboration
  • Ensure a sustainable approach to e-Infrastructures across Europe and India through dissemination actions, meetings and workshops
  • Foster and enhance cooperation with other European Initiatives in the Asian region and worldwide


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on 14th December 2010.

Joint Work Plan

IGE and EU-IndiaGrid2 will cooperate in the co-organisation of grid schools and workshops in India aiForming and/or bringing up to date skilled personnel such as grid site administrators and local user supporters
  • Indentifying new applications of relevance for India through the IGE calls for applications
  • Supporting the “gridification” of selected applications from India during the IGE schools
  • Raising the awareness of both other potential users and decision makers, through the presentation of the results of the grid schools, about the usefulness of e-Infrastructures for e-Science
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12 Jun 2012, 06:05