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Driven by seven challenging applications from five representative scientific domains (fusion, clinical decision making, systems biology, nano science and engineering), MAPPER deploys a computational science environment for distributed multiscale computing on and across European e-Infrastructures. By taking advantage of existing software and services, as delivered by EU and national projects, MAPPER will result in high quality component for today's e-Infrastructures. MAPPER develops tools, software, and services that permit loosely and tightly coupled multiscale computing in a user friendly and transparent way. MAPPER integrates these applications into the MAPPER environment, and demonstrates their enhanced capabilities.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MAPPER was signed on 14th March 2013.

Joint Work Plan

This close collaboration will enable the MAPPER project to leverage Globus support and expand the use of Globus services and tools within their communities. The specific goals of the collaboration are:
  • IGE to assist MAPPER with any technical adoption or investigation issues related to IGE/Globus software
  • IGE will provide MAPPER with priority support and advice for any IGE/Globus technologies
  • for both projects to coordinate dissemination on join activities
Link to MAPPER page: http://www.mapper-project.eu/