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The SHaring Interoperable Workflows for large-scale scientific simulations on Available DCIs (SHIWA) - is a combination of Collaborative projects & Coordination and support actions of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community (2010-2012). It is  co-ordinated by MTA SZTAKI and funded by the EU to achieve the goals of the Capacities–Research Infrastructures activity area.

The SHIWA project's main goal is to leverage existing workflow based solutions and enable cross-workflow and inter-workflow exploitation of DCIs by applying both coarse- and fine-grained strategies. The coarse-grained (CG) approach enables to combine workflows written in different workflow languages in order to reuse and combine existing workflow applications written in various workflow languages. The CG approach treats existing workflows as black box systems that can be incorporated into other workflow applications as workflow nodes. The fine-grained approach addresses language interoperability by defining an intermediate representation to be used for translation of workflows across various systems (ASKALON, Pegasus, P-Grade, MOTEUR, Triana). SHIWA develops, deploys, and operates the SHIWA Simulation Platform to offer users production-level services supporting workflow interoperability following both approaches. As part of the SHIWA Simulation Platform the SHIWA Repository facilitates publishing and sharing workflows, and the SHIWA Portal enable their actual enactment. Use cases targeting various scientific domains will serve to drive and evaluate this platform from a user's perspective.


Joint Work Plan

This close collaboration will enable the SHIWA project to leverage Globus support and development from IGE. The specific goals of the collaboration are:
  • for SHIWA to provide requirements transfer to IGE
  • for IGE to migrate the SHIWA Globus adaptor to Globus Toolkit 5
  • for SHIWA to integrate the revised Globus adaptor into the SHIWA DCI Bridge
  • for both projects to conduct joint testing on the revised SHIWA software
  • for both projects to coordinate dissemination on joint activities

Link to SHIWA page: http://www.shiwa-workflow.eu/