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GridwiseTech is an independent specialist in scalable systems. The company designs and integrates robust IT architectures, capable of handling significant data and processing loads. Operating on three continents, GridwiseTech has won the trust and respect of many customers, including FEI Company, Geoscience Research Centre by Total, Turner Broadcasting, Ricoh, Philips and many more. Notable collaborative work includes the world's first production Grid NEESgrid, the world's largest Grid installation EGEE, and Malaysia Knowledge Grid.

GWTs contribution to software adaption will include integration of AdHoc on top of the Globus security framework, increasing its usability. To help other newly created components to be of high quality, GWT will deliver testing and certification criteria, documenting the procedures and criteria to be used for testing. GWT will take part in the dissemination process by writing a whitepaper and providing it public available. Moreover dissemination actions focused on the industry perspective will be taken.