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Stichting voor Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie

NIKHEF is the Dutch FOM-Institute for Subatomic Physics. NIKHEF has been a key player in the Grid world since its infancy, beginning as one of the five leading partners in the European DataGrid project (EDG) and through intensive participation in EGEE-I and EGEE-II. It is currently a partner in EGEE-III, the Dutch national Virtual Laboratory for e-Science project, and a founding partner in the BiG Grid infrastructure project, the executive project for the Dutch NGI, which is funding the e-infrastructure in the Netherlands and, for example, the contribution of the Netherlands for the "LHC Computing Grid" Tier-1 Centre, as well as over 35 other research domains both nationally and globally.

FOM-NIKHEF will work in IGE on all security related aspects: software adaption for VOMS and authorization integration, security of all project processes including the repository, and vulnerability management. It will partake in the testing and certification effort, also leveraging its role in the Dutch NGI and coordinated with complementary national efforts. Through its involvement in standards organizations and international collaborations will work on standardization and interoperability, and will contribute to dissemination and the anchoring of project results.