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Technische Universität Dortmund

For many years, the Robotic Research Institute, Section Information Technology at TU Dortmund University has conducted extensive research in the area of resource management for service- oriented architectures (SOAs) with special focus on Grid- and Cloud infrastructures. Additionally, TUDO was and still is involved as a major player in several Grid projects in the framework of the D-Grid Initiative, the national Grid initiative in Germany. TUDO was and is active in the EU-funded CoreGRID Network of Excellence — especially in the "Virtual Institute on Resource Management and Scheduling" — which deals with the management of federated resource networks. On the international level, TUDO is committed to standardization in the context of the Open Grid Forum (OGF).

TUDO will lead the overall dissemination activities and ensure the establishment the community forum and the liaison office. Beyond that, TUDO will ensure the tight collaboration with WP3, the development and operation of the online hub within WP5, and connect contributors to the infrastructure. Finally, TUDO will coordinate the happening of the European Globus conference series.