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University of Southampton

The University of Southampton School of Electronics and Computer Science has a distinctive reputation for its research, education, and enterprise in Computer Science, Electronics, and Electrical Engineering. The largest School of its kind in the UK, ECS is internationally regarded for its world-leading and transformative research, and for its ability to define and develop new research directions. Within ECS, the EPSRC funded OMII-UK institute has worked with researchers and developers across the UK to develop a portfolio of software which runs on different major Grid middleware platforms, including Globus.

Within IGE, the University of Southampton will build on this experience as a European coordinator and as an architect of grid-related infrastructure solutions. OMII-Europe provides a platform on which to build in terms of cooperation and coordination of standards to enable interoperability through WP3. SOTON brings extensive experience of distributed Grid software development, QA and testing, and running development infrastructure, which will enable the provision of services for European Globus developers through WP4, WP5 and WP6. Additionally, SOTON has been a long-term collaborator with the Globus project teams at ANL/UChicago and ISI.