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Networking Activities

Within Networking Activities, considerations regarding management, involvement, and standardization are made. For a clear separation of concerns, three work packages have been established within the NA part of the project, covering project-centric (WP1), user-centric (WP2) and developer-centric (WP3) aspects.

WP1: Management and Overall Quality Assurance Leibniz-Rechenzentrum,
Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BADW-LRZ), Germany

WP1 takes over the administrative and financial management of the whole project by constantly monitoring resource usage and contractual terms. Operational coordination includes the organization of periodic project internal meetings, and the enforcement of the quality assurance plan for all workpackages. Risk assessment is an important activity to ensure the high quality of the project's output.

WP2: Community Involvement, Dissemination, and Training
Technische Universität Dortmund (TUDO), Germany

WP2 aims to aggregate European developments in the Globus context, and gather and consolidate the experiences gathered in established European communities within a central information hub for Globus-related input. Moreover, it plans to broadly spread Globus in Europe, especially by fostering adoption within the European e-Infrastructure, through coordinated promotion at conferences, workshops, and publication media as well as organized events.

WP3: International Collaboration and Standardization
University of Southhampton (SOTON), United Kingdom

WP3 aims to coordinate the technical networking and coordination aspects between established European Globus communities, and provide representation, development and monitoring of technical requirements from within the project to Globus and other standardisation bodies. This will be achieved through the development of a process for requirements capture and representation within these organisations in close coordination within the mechanisms provided by WP2. It will also represent the interests of IGE within the MU/MCB of EGI to negotiate Service Level Definitions, and provide a central point for the development of roadmaps for the assimilation of IGE-developed components into relevant high-level middleware, such as the EGI UMD and VDT.