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Service Activities

The Service Activities tackle the integration into and support of European e-infrastructures, user communities, and developer groups in terms of providing support services, validation infrastructures and packaging. The overall effort within the SA part of the project is split over two distinct work packages.

WP5: Infrastructure Support
Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej PAN (PSNC), Poland

WP5 will focus on providing Globus support for external e-infrastructures like EGI, DEISA, PRACE, etc. To this end, a small Globus based infrastructure for validation and demonstration purposes will be set up within the project. This infrastructure will follow recommendations of the other project activities. WP5 closely cooperates with WP6, which will deliver Globus component packages for installation and configuration. WP5 will also provide support for Globus services and software repositories. The results of WP5 activities will be used for dissemination and training purposes outside of the project.

WP6: Test and Maintenance
Uppsala Universitet (UU), Sweden

WP6 will test new and updated components of the Globus Toolkit before they are included in the software repositories. The set of packages that will be tested will be decided in collaboration with the other work packages to ensure that any new component relevant for their success is included. Packages that have been found to meet the criteria will be maintained for the benefit of users inside and outside the project. An important part of this effort is to provide installation packages for the most common operating systems to ease the delivery through standard distribution channels whenever possible.